Wild Boar Red Eye Gravy Mix 1.7 oz
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As seen in August 2014's "Our State" Magazine  http://www.ourstate.com/tocs/august-toc/.  North & South Carolina residents can find our Wild Boar Red Eye Gravy Mix in the Specialty Food Product Section of their local Harris Teeter and/or Lowe's Foods stores.

Growing up southern, breakfast had to be hearty, filling and warm.  Traditional southern breakfasts include, eggs, creamy grits, country ham, bacon and/or sausage, drop biscuits and red eye gravy.  With the hustle and bustle of our lives, eating a hearty breakfast isn't always an option... or is it?  With our products and mixes, breakfast or brunch is less than 30 minutes away.  

Still not enough time, simplify breakfast with our country ham, southern drop biscuits and red eye gravy.  All you need to add is water. Making red-eye gravy has never been easier.  Simply fry up the country ham as usual.  If you're not a big fan of country ham, use bacon slices instead.  Stir in hot water and Wild Boar Red Eye Gravy mix and deglaze the skillet or frying plan, scraping all the bits and pieces loose.  Boil mixture for approximately 2-3 minutes until gravy reduces down.  Pour over ham slices, biscuits and/or grits.  Yummy!

Why is it called Red Eye Gravy?

Traditionally a southern treat, the "red eye" is the little speck of deglazed reddish bits and pieces floating on the top of this sauce.  Some people know it as bird-eye gravy, poor man's gravy or muddy gravy.   

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Wild Boar Red Eye Gravy Mix 1.7 oz

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