Natural, Raw, Unfiltered Tupelo Honey, 1# bottle
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Tupelo Honey is light amber in color with a pear-like and hoppy aroma and a coveted flavor that fans describe as mild, delicate, buttery, floral, like cotton candy and like rosewater. Because of its unusually high fructose content (versus sucrose), tupelo honey will not granulate. Also because of its low sucrose content, some diabetics may eat it.The white tupelo tree grows naturally in southeastern swamps. Because of the trees' brief flowering time, beekeepers must be precise about getting bees to the trees. The strictly regional nature of tupelo honey dictates that its production exists in a tiny subculture.  Our tupelo honey is pure, natural and raw. Our honey is not pasteurized or micro filtered. 

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Tupelo Honey Pure, Natural and Raw 1 Pound

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