Sassy Dip Hot & Sassy Trio
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Riddle:  What does a little heat combined with a little bit of Sass?  Answer:  Our Hot & Sassy Dip / Seasoning Trio!  Outstanding blend of sweet, heat and sass builds this Chipotle, Jalapeno and Habanero flavorful trio.  Bursting with bright, bold and sizzling flavor, each dip mix is sure to please.  We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no MSG.  

Julia's Sassy Dip & Seasoning Mix is not only a great dip, but makes the perfect everyday seasoning in sauces, casseroles, meatloaf, rice, veggies, bread dips, as a marinade, rub or vinegrette.

Recipe:  Sassy Chipotle-Peach Spread

1 Package Chipotle Sassy Dip Mix
2 - 8oz Packages of Cream Cheese, softened
1/2 - 3/4 Cup Peach Preserves

Combine all ingredients. Chill for 2 hours. Serve with pretzels, pita chips or crackers.
Recipe: Sassy Jalapeno Black Bean Salsa
1 Pkg Sassy Jalapeno Seasoning 
1/3 Cup Olive Oil
1 Can, Yellow Corn, drained
1/2 Cup Red Onion, finely diced
1/4 Cup Cilantro, finely chopped
Juice from 2 Limes
3 Cans Black Beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 Cup Green Bell Pepper, finely diced
1 Can Petite Diced Tomatoes, drained
Salt to Taste

Whisk together olive oil, lime juice and Sassy Dip Mix in a small bowl. In a large bowl, mix
together remaining
ingredients except salt. Add olive oil mixture to ingredients, mixing well.
Taste for salt and add as needed. Serve with tortilla chips. Hot Meal Idea: Use over chicken
breasts and baked in 350 degree oven until juice runs clear, then served over a bed of rice.
Recipe: Hot Habanero Cheese Dip
1 package of Sassy Habanero Dip Mix
8 oz shredded Cheddar cheese
8 oz American Cheese
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 large tomato, peeled and chopped
1 large package of Hormel Bacon Pieces

Combine all ingredients in a baking dish; cover and bake until cheese is melted and dip is hot.
Serve from chafing dish or crockpot with tortilla chips and an ice cold beverage.
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Sassy Dip Hot & Sassy Trio (Jalapeno, Habanero and Chipotle)

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