How do you make red eye gravy?

Red eye gravy is simply the addition of coffee to the ham drippings. To produce the red eye, cook the country ham is a skillet. When cooked remove the country ham and pour off most of the fat into a small bowl. Next pour a small amount of hot coffee into the skillet and stir well. This will mix the ham drippings with the coffee. Now pour this mixture into the bowl and the clearer ham fat will float and the dark red drippings will settle to the bottom. giving the appearance of a red eye when you look directly into the bowl. If you leave the fat in the skillet and pour in the coffee you will get a consistent dark thin gravy that tastes just as good, but no red eye. Since our premium country ham cuts are trimmed so close, I cook about 2 slices of smoked breakfast bacon in the skillet prior to cooking the ham to add more pork fat. As simple as it sounds, I can count on 1 hand the number of res truants that serve authentic red eye gravy. At 71 years of age, I do enjoy putting red eye gravy on my biscuits and remembered what my mother had added in addition to the coffee, so I decided to make my own mix to enjoy any time I wanted. The use of our mix will provide an authentic red eye gravy based on my mother's recipe who during the depression, prepared meals in a boarding house in Atlanta to help pay her rent. Each and every time you make it you will get the same consistent taste of delicious Georgia red eye gravy.