human grade pet treats
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8 ounces of tail-wagging goodness packaged in a resealable, mylar bag.  A special treat that your "Best Friend" will love!  Preparation is simple and your dog will enjoy the aroma when they begin to cook.  These treats can be stored at room temperature up to one year.

All Natural, High Protein, Grain Free, No Preservatives and No MSG.

Try it yourself:  Cook up a batch of Puff Puppies and place them beside any other commercial treat and let your dog... and you, decide which treat tastes better. We're positive Puff Puppies All-Natural Treats will surpass taste quality of any commercial dog treat on the market that your pet can enjoy.  Bone-Appetit!

Directions: Suggested serving size is 1/2 ounce (about an eighth of a cup or one small paw-full). Spread the pork rind pellets evenly onto a microwave safe plate. Heat for 2-4 minutes*.  Let them cool before serving and enjoy.  (*due to variances in cooking rates, adjust cooking time up or down 5-10 seconds until you reach the correct level).

 If you pop up more than you want to use, keep them in a zip lock bag for later. Puff Puppies All Natural Treats are perfectly safe and palatable for human consumption. 

Ingredients: pork, salt

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Puff Puppies Dog Treats 8 oz

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