Southern Cheese Grits
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You will literally smell the "corn" as you stir up these delicious grits. The cheesy, creamy taste and texture have drawn a wide following. Papa's Cheese Grits come with 12oz of our stone ground yellow grits, plus 2-1oz cheddar cheese packets. And, what makes these grits even better? Our cheese grits are certified organic. Bring 4 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of salt to a rapid boil. Stir in yellow grits. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 25 minutes until creamy. Stir in 1 cheddar cheese packet until thoroughly mixed. Enjoy! Short on time? Pour ingredients into a crock pot, cook on low (10 hours) overnight and wake up to creamy, hot grits. What a great way to start the day. Note: it is common for grits to stick to the sides. Simply scrape and stir well. No lumps in these grits, folks. Additional Stir-In Ingredients: Bacon crumbles, cut up link sausage or crumbled sausage patties, ham, extra cheese, scrambled eggs. Eating a hearty breakfast never tasted so good.

Additionally, they are packaged in a retro-designed feed sack that makes a unique gift, but can also be used again and again - one of our efforts to Go Green for our environment.


ORGANIC - Corn grown for our Yellow grits are controlled both in nature and quality. Growers must meet rigid specifications; crops must be three years away from the use of chemicals on grain and soil. Our growers are certified by O.C.I.A. (Organic Crop Improvement Association), a well known and accepted international certifying association. The mill and each grower?s farm is checked by an O.C.I.A. representative each year.

KOSHER - The Mill is also certified with the KOA of A KOSHER Seal, and are inspected by the FDA on a regular basis.

NO PRESERVATIVES - Our products are not bleached, bromated or preserved in any way, nor do we enrich them. They are as natural a product and as pure as we can possible make them. Because of our milling method, we obtain a unique fineness and light color not found in other whole grain flours. This method of milling also protects the shelf life.

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Papas Cheese Grits 14oz cloth bag

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