Old Fashioned Russian Spice Tea Mix 4 Packages
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Stock up and share the old fashioned citrus spice tea goodness of Russian Tea mix.  Growing up, Russian Tea was one of my favorite hot drinks during the Winter months.  We knew that every December my mother would start making big batches of this delicious spice tea mix for Christmas gifts, packaged in mason jars with a gingham print fabric topper.  She would always make sure that we had an ample supply of Russian Tea mix to carry us through the cold, winter months.  Made from a blend of Tang, Lemonade, Tea and Spices, the spicy aroma from our kitchen and the citrus taste warmed us inside and out.  Cozy up with a cup today.

Easy to prepare - just add hot water.  Each package makes 5-6 cups of  Russian tea.

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Old Fashioned Russian Spice Tea Mix 4 Packages

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