Old-Fashioned Lemon Drop Candy, 5oz Cloth Bag
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Reminiscent of candies sold at old country stores years ago, our tart and tangy lemon drops, lightly dusted with fine sugar, are bursting with flavor.  The classic confectionary of sweet and tart flavors will really make your mouth pucker.  Originally sold in medicinal shops in Europe during the 1800's to help dissipate the bitter taste of medicine, lemon drops have become a modern day candy for all ages. These tasty drops can help soothe a dry or sore throat or quiet a nagging cough.  Delicious in a cup of hot tea with a little bit of honey.


Packaged in a retro cloth bag, nostalgic of days gone by, these tasty sanded lemon drops are perfect as party favors, in gift baskets, and as hostess, teacher, or anytime gift.


Ingredients:  Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Flavor, Color Added: Yellow 5.

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Old-Fashioned Lemon Drop Candy, 5oz Cloth Bag

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