Ginger drops lightly sanded with sugar.
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Reminiscent of candies sold at old country stores years ago, our ginger drops were used as a quick and tasteful way to overcome nausea or pregnancy induced morning sickness. The sweet ginger taste is warming to the senses.  Enjoy them as natural hard candy or put two or three in a cup along with any tea bag and add boiling water. Allow to steep as directed by tea.  Ginger is also known for bringing comfort to the stomach.  


Packaged in a retro cloth bag, nostalgic of days gone by, these tasty sanded ginger candy makes the perfect party favors, addition in gift baskets, and as hostess, teacher, or anytime gift. 


Ingredients:  Sugar, corn syrup, natural ginger flavor.


According to  Ginger is Good for Upset Stomach!

Ginger is very effective ingredient for treating the upset stomach or indigestion problems. You come to know how much good the ginger to cure the upset stomach with the below mentioned properties.

  • Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to increase the digestive juices and also neutralizes the stomach (acids) to give relief from the upset stomach and stomach pain.
  • It has strong anti-oxidants called gingerols and shogaols (Chemicals) that decrease the free radicals production and also their damage to the body. It also helps to relax the intestinal tract and that give relief from the gas and pain.
  • It helps the food flow smoothly through the digestive tract by allowing the body to absorb the nutrients better in the food.
  • It is a great carminative that helps to eliminate the extra gas from the intestinal tract and reduces the risk of having any digestive intestinal problems.
  • It stimulates the production of saliva, bile, gastric juices, etc. so that it aids in better digestion and prevent gas.
  • It relaxes muscles, relieves cramping that lessens the chance of backed up, fermenting food in the digestive system. (Reduces bloating and flatulence)
  • It improves blood circulation by boosting the blood flow and reduces the inflammation. 




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Old-Fashioned Ginger Candy Drops, 5oz Cloth Bag

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