Biscuits, Country Ham and Honey
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The perfect go to gift for your favorite “Ham”. This gift bag offers quick Southern breakfast with one-pound of our award winning Country Ham Biscuit Cuts, a 10oz package of our Southern Drop Biscuits and Cloister's Wildflower Honey. There is nothing better than a crunchy Southern biscuit with ample ham inside or my favorite way... smothered with butter and honey.

Our Country Ham Biscuit Slices are cured by a North Carolina family owned business who won the 2004 National Champion for Country Ham Smoked. Country Hams are still cured the slow, old-fashioned way. We hand rub each of our fresh hams with our special cure mixture, and place them in our refrigerated curing room in oak bins. After a few days in this cure, each ham is hand rubbed a second time and returned to the curing room where they stay for a total of 40 to 45 days. At this stage of the curing process, the hams are washed of excess salt and placed in equalization. This process allows the cure mixture to equalize throughout the whole ham giving it a consistent flavor. After equalization, the hams are hung in the drying/aging room at a temperature of 80 to 85 degrees for 25 to 35 days. This is where the old time southern flavor of country ham is achieved. For a more aged, robust flavor, we age the hams longer.

Cooking Directions
Frying: Cook at 350 F for 60 seconds per side. For best results, do not over cook. Steaming: Cook in 1/2 inch slow boiling water for 2 minutes per side. Microwave: Cook 2 minutes at full power. Use ham drippings with Red Eye Gravy mix.

Julia's Southern Drop Buttermilk Biscuits, 10oz Cloth Bag - Inspired by grandma, you can now enjoy the delicious buttermilk taste of fluffy biscuits finished with a cripsy outer crust. Just add water. Now, for the secret... it's all in how you mix them. When you add the water, mix it just enough to moisten all the ingredients.

Cloister's Wildflower Honey - Honey is one of nature’s luxuries. It takes thousands of bees and countless hours to produce an eight-ounce bottle of liquid gold – no wonder honey was prized by ancient emperors. The flavorful sweetness of raw, natural honey is a true delicacy. Wildflower Honey comes in a convenient 1# squeeze bottle.

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Ham it Up, Honey! Gift Bag

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