Mexican Wedding Cookies
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These cookies are a holiday tradition every Christmas. I cherish the memories of watching my mother and grandmother make these during our family's holiday cookie bake. Bakers around the wo have made these buttery delights especially for holidays and other celebrations. Alternate names for the cookies include Russian teacakes, snowdrops, and pecan butterballs.

Although Mexican Wedding Cookies are believed to have been a treat since medival times, it wasn't until around the 1950's when they earned their name.  This is because in Mexico these cookies were, and continue to be, handed out to guests at weddings and other celebrations.

Easy to make - add melted butter and a little water.  Shape and bake, then cool and roll in powdered sugar.  Not an overly sweet cookie - simply scrumptious!  This recipes yields approximately 2-3 dozens.

All of our gluten free cookie mixes were introduced at the 2012 Wake Technical Culinary Arts Showcase with rave reviews.  We heard over and over... "I can't believe these are gluten free."  You honestly can't tell the difference.  Try it for yourself... you'll be glad you did.


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Gluten Free Mexican Wedding Cookie Mix 8oz bag

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