Gluten Free Citrus Coolers
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Can't decide which one to choose?  Try them all!  Our Citrus Coolers are made with the finest, all natural, preservative free ingredients.  A delightful snack served with a hot cup of tea.  This mouth-watering trio comes with an 8oz bag of each bursting flavor:  Lemon, Lime and Orange.

Citrus Coolers offer a refreshing, tangy, lip-smacking treat.  Easy and fun to make and shape, simply add melted butter and water.  Bake. Cool and roll in powdered sugar.  Enjoy! Yields approximately 2-3 dozen cookies.

All of our gluten free cookie mixes were introduced at the 2012 Wake Technical Culinary Arts Showcase with rave reviews.  We heard over and over... "I can't believe these are gluten free."  You honestly can't tell the difference.  Try it for yourself... you'll be glad you did.


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Gluten Free Citrus Coolers Cookie Sampler Mix 3 8oz bags

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