Dan'l Boone Country Ham 3oz Biscuit Cuts
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Dan'l Boone Inn Brand brings you the delicious taste of NC mountain cured country ham. Each country ham is first hand rubbed with the “cure”, a blend of primarily salt and sugar. The hams "cure" naturally though seasonal changes in temperature that occurred through the Winter, Spring and Summer, rendering the hams perfectly "cured" for the finest flavor and quality. Every time, I visit Boone NC I have to stop by the Dan'l Boone Inn to enjoy the best country food I've found.

About the product
  • Biscuit trim cuts that have more fat than our premium biscuit cuts

  • Use to make ham biscuits or as a country ham seasoning when cooking beans or greens

  • Individually wrapped in 3 oz packages

  • Each Package designed for use by 1 -2 people

  • Includes free sample pack of Wild Boar Red Eye Gravy Mix

  • Item #: 720189914072

Dan'l Boone Country Ham 3oz Biscuit Cuts 4 Pack

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