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North Carolina Country Ham 1 Lb package of center cuts and a 1 Lb package of biscuit cuts. Sliced and ready for you to fry up some for breakfast.  Our hams have won many awards including Smoked Country Ham Grand Champion. We have combined the ham with our complete Southern Drop Biscuit mix, all you need to add is water to prepare a warm crunchy biscuit. Our red eye gravy mix is based on my grandmother's recipe and contains enough mix to make Red Eye Gravy time after time. To top it off we include a 12 oz package of our whole grain yellow grits.

How to Cook Country Ham:

Frying: Cook at 350 F for 60 seconds per side. For best results, do not over cook. Steaming: Cook in 1/2 inch slow boiling water for 2 minutes per side. Microwave: Cook 2 minutes at full power.

Ham cured with salt, cane sugar, brown sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite

Our Red Eye Gravy mix is based on my grandmother's recipe and is superb with country ham drippings, but also bacon drippings.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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Bountiful Breakfast - Ham, Biscuit Mix, Grits and Red Eye Gravy

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